Weed Online in Palmerston North

Weed Online in Palmerston North

Weed Online in Palmerston North

The recent loosening up of cannabis regulations has led to a rapid surge in the number of cannabis brands operating in the country. Many savvy entrepreneurs and investors are vying to get a sizable share of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, and the competition in the space is heating up. As a result, there’s a good number of decent cannabis brands that weed buyers can rely on in New Zealand.

Some of the most prolific weed brands in Australia include:

  • Hikurangi Cannabis:
    The company was one of the first to venture into massive industrial hemp cultivation prior to the legalization of medical cannabis in e country. It began its foray into industrial hemp plantation in 2016, just when the country was gearing up to introduce landmark regulatory changes. Since then, Hikurangi has gone on to become a household name. When it launched its crowd-funding campaign on the PledgeMe site, it sold shares worth $2.4 million in six minutes, causing the site to crash twice. Weed Online in Palmerston North
  • Helius Therapeutics:
    From the onset, Helius has asserted itself as one of the most prominent legal entities in the industry. It’s one of the leading cannabis brands vying to clean up the image of the industry in the wake of legalization. With the help of listing guru Guy Haddleton, the company managed to raise $15m from local investors. The funds have since been funneled into the company’s R&D programs, with the company establishing two massive facilities in Auckland for the cultivation and production of high-quality cannabis products. Weed Online in Palmerston North
  • Cannasouth:
    Co-founders Mark Lucas and Nic Foreman are veteran cannabis researchers. In 2002, they were among the first to be granted cultivation licenses in New Zealand. The company, which was registered in May 2017, is the first indigenous company to produce a pharmaceutical-grade cannabis product that has been approved by the Ministry of Health. The company is well funded after undergoing two successful rounds of funding, and is gearing up for listing on ASX.
  • Setek:
    This company was founded by a team of seasoned experts, consultants, and investors, including high-profile figures like statesman Peter Dunne. Dunne currently leads the advisory board consisting of businesspeople, scientists, and academicians. But the founders have chosen to delay fundraising campaigns until the company successfully acquires a cultivation license. Order Weed in Palmerston North Order Weed in Palmerston North

Is It Legal to Import cannabis?

Currently, the importation of any medicine is subject to stringent federal laws, which are currently prohibitive to cannabis use. However, since the introduction of pro-cannabis regulations, New Zealand Customs have taken a more relaxed approach towards cannabis import. Weed Online in Palmerston North

As it stands, you can buy cannabis from countries where it’s been legalized, and then ship it to New Zealand. New Zealand Customs will let your import through if you provide paperwork showing that the drug will be used to treat a medical condition and that the quantity is no more than a month’s supply. The cannabis product must also be obtained legally from a country where it’s legal. Where to Order top quality buds New Zealand Where to Order top quality buds New Zealand

What options are available to buy weed in New Zealand?

Currently, the only legal way to obtain cannabis in the country is through the prescription of a doctor with a license from the Ministry of Health to prescribe cannabis. Until recently, a licensed doctor’s prescription needed approval from the Ministry of Health before it can be used to obtain the drug at pharmacies. But with recent changes, medical cannabis users can now bypass the Ministry of Health approval to get their supplies directly from a pharmacy with just the doctor’s scripts. Order Cannabis in Palmerston North Order Cannabis in Palmerston North

Other than through a doctor’s prescription, your only alternative way for buying weed in the country is through the illegal black markets. You can find black market dealers by asking around in speak-easy bars and liquor stores. Weed Online in Palmerston North

Depending on where you live in the country, you can also order online for your product to be shipped directly to your doorstep. But you need to be careful and carry out a thorough background check on a vendor when buying online. Buy Marijuana in Palmerston North Buy Marijuana in Palmerston North

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