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Super Critical combines Skunk x Big Bud x White Widow into an extremely potent and relaxing cannabis strain. She is extremely fast hitting, and the high is so strong that it borders on narcotic, before sinking back down into a calm bliss. Super Critical has a flowering cycle of 8 weeks, and can produce up to 800g/m² indoors or 1200g per plant outdoors. She is great for SoG and ScrOG techniques.



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When a breeder mixes first-class strains such as White Widow, Skunk and Big Bud for a new creation, expectations are naturally high. Greenhouse Seeds far exceeds those expectations with their spectacular Super Critical.  Thanks to her potent ancestors, she delivers a very fast-hitting and strong physical high that relaxes and calms the entire body. With her sheer power to relax, Super Critical makes also a great medicinal strain that is ideal for the relief of chronic pains. She is in particular well-suited if you want to grow her SoG and ScrOG style. In ideal conditions, growers can expect fantastic yields of up-to roughly 800g/m² indoors and an incredible 1.2kgs outdoors. With her powerful effect and spectacular yields, Super Critical is a true powerhouse of a plant. Buy Critical kush online

Greenhouse Seeds created their Super Critical, an indica-dominant hybrid and the genetic cross of three famous strains, namely Skunk, Big Bud and White Widow. All these strains are indica dominant, which led to Super Critical having a genetic backbone of 70% indica genes and 30% sativa genes. This genetic ratio can clearly be felt in the narcotic, physical high; Super Critical is all killer, no filler.Buy Critical kush online Where can i buy critical kush in New Zealand Where can i buy critical kush in New Zealand

High-quality genetics make this strain viable for both indoor and outdoor grows, and with exceptional results. A massive producer, Super Critical will grant you astonishing yields. You can expect to harvest around 800g/m² (especially if done in a SOG or ScrOG setup as the strain thrives with these methods) or up to a monstrous 1.2kg/plant outdoors. Yields like this will be produced in a flowering time of 8 weeks. Buy Critical kush online

With medium to high levels of THC, Super Critical is a potent strain that will hit you with a hard body stone very quickly. The effect is strongly narcotic, with a blissfully relaxing finish.

Greenhouse Seeds are known for their top-shelf products, and Super Critical continues this legacy. An exceptional indica with a truly superior genetic heritage that will cater to any needs, be they production, potency or otherwise. Get a hold of this strain and harvest some spectacular yieldsBuy Critical kush online How to order critical kush in New Zealand How to order critical kush in New Zealand


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