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Buy weed online Iceland: In December 2018, New Zealand passed a law to allow medical cannabis throughout the country. However, how the country is going to move forward with this law is not exactly clear. Until recently, New Zealand has been strongly against the production and use of cannabis, and the police have often conducted raids on farms and suspected peddlers. So how will medical cannabis fit into the picture? Buy weed online Iceland

As of now, it seems the NZ government is looking forward. They are trying to figure out just how they are going to produce the cannabis, what the rules will be for obtaining medical cannabis, and many additional industry questions that they were not prepared to answer when the law went into effect.Buy weed online Iceland

Currently, they are in the process of securing options to better understand the cannabis industry and to research the points that were in question. These issues must be addressed for a full scale roll out of enough dispensaries to supply those in need of medical cannabis. Buy weed online Iceland

What is a cannabis dispensary?

Simply put, a cannabis dispensary is where you go to legally obtain cannabis. They can be labeled as recreational, medical, or both. The recreational dispensaries have a full line of cannabis and cannabis-related products to offer those who would like to pursue the recreational use of cannabis. Medical cannabis dispensaries, on the other hand, cater to those who seek cannabis for medicinal use, based on a prescription from a doctor who has been permitted to prescribe cannabis.Buy weed online Iceland

The dispensaries that sell both forms will sell to those who have a medical card and those who are looking to purchase recreationally. Typically, the medical prices in these dispensaries are lower than the price for the same product when purchased for recreational consumption. (This is almost always due to a difference in taxation on medicine and recreational cannabis.)Buy weed online Iceland

Why is cannabis so hard to come by in New Zealand?

In actuality, obtaining cannabis in New Zealand is simply not as hard as you might think. It’s the most widely used illegal drug in the country. However, trying to obtain the drug does present a number of challenges.

Unfortunately, these methods of distribution are mostly illegal, and the crimes associated with cannabis carry harsh penalties. In addition, despite its brand new legality for medical use, if you are a medical patient that fact doesn’t make everything better. The current cannabis industry is tough in New Zealand and there are not enough dispensaries for everyone.Buy weed online Iceland

The major reasons cannabis is so hard to come by legally in New Zealand?

  • It is mostly grown by drug gangs, and thus distributed by them;
  • Which leads to large-scale police crack-downs and raids; and
  • The stigma is that cannabis causes “social harm in communities” and therefore is greatly monitored by locals;
  • (For more information, look at Source Two: News Hub at the bottom of this article.)

Surprisingly, it’s easier to find harder drugs, such as meth, in New Zealand than cannabis. If you take a stroll through online comment boards, you’ll find most people unwilling to offer insight into finding weed, and reviewers like Marijuana Travelers state you must take what you get from the kids peddling on the streets.Buy weed online Iceland

So, as of right now, people are advised not to purchase or use cannabis in New Zealand, assuming you’re searching for an illegal source. Just for purchasing cannabis, you can spend months or even years in prison. The weight of the crime makes it difficult for outsiders to know where to look if they are attempting to obtain cannabis, but the consensus is that you should travel to places where cannabis is legal if that’s something you want to do while traveling.Buy weed online Iceland

How many registered doctors can prescribe cannabis now?

While there are many different registered doctors who can prescribe cannabis in New Zealand, it can be tricky to find them. Despite the new law, cannabis is still illegal, making it hard for prescriptions to be written or filled.Buy weed online Iceland

One helpful website is MarijuanaDoctors where they walk you through the criteria needed to get a prescription. This website can also be used as a starting research point for those who need to find a doctor in their area that’s able to prescribe medical cannabis.  Buy weed online Iceland

For the best information and contacts on finding medical cannabis in New Zealand, refer to the government health website, Source Three at the end of this article. Weed marijuana cannabis Iceland Weed marijuana cannabis Iceland

What is the state of scientific research into cannabis in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, research is ongoing in the cannabis field. Some studies focus on the long-term effects of cannabis while others focus on the effects of cannabis on various physical and mental conditions.Buy marijuana online Iceland Cannabis shop online Iceland Weed marijuana cannabis Iceland

One promising company is Helius Therapeutics, where research is done on both the medical and therapeutic effects of cannabis. The facility is located in Auckland and is currently one of the few companies publicly manufacturing cannabis in New Zealand.Buy marijuana online Iceland Cannabis shop online Iceland Cannabis shop online Iceland

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