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Buy Weed in Hawaii Where To get Weed In Hawai Aloha, everybody! The Gentleman has just returned from visiting every medical cannabis dispensary currently open in Hawaii. And I have thoughts! Make that several. Prepare your listening eyes and butts for a direct-to-brain download, Neo! You won’t learn kung fu, but you will know everything I’ve learned about Hawaii’s MMJ program. https://buyweednewzealand.com/buy-weed-online-australia/

Buy Weed in Hawaii The awesome thing about Hawaii is they have instituted a medical marijuana reciprocity program that accepts cards from any other state’s medical program in the US! https://buyweednewzealand.com/buy-weed-online-australia/

Buy Weed in Hawaii But only if you have one of the conditions allowed under Hawaii law- you can find that list here. It includes chronic pain, severe/chronic muscle spasms, severe nausea, PTSD, and another 9 conditions that you’ll find in most programs. So you’re probably good.

Buy Weed in Hawaii

Buy Weed in Hawaii Wait, no, the awesome thing is how easy it is to sign up as an out of state patient to apply for their Hawaii 329 medical cannabis card! All you gotta do is fill out a quick form on their website, upload pics of my documents, and pay the $49.50 fee. https://buyweednewzealand.com/buy-weed-online-in-pennsylvania/

Buy Weed in Hawaii They ask that you sign up no earlier than 60 days prior to your trip. I signed up, like, two weeks ahead of my trip, on March 29. Approval email came in April 1. Bingo bango, baby!

Buy Weed in Hawaii Unfortunately for their many international visitors, Hawaii only accepts medical marijuana cards from the US for now. https://buyweednewzealand.com/buy-weed-online-alabama/

Gear Used for Hawaii Reviews

Buy Weed in Hawaii The Lynx Hypnos concentrate vaporizer pen from Aloha Green in Oahu cost $80 and didn’t work at all. I couldn’t be bothered to return it with the hectic pace of my trip.https://buyweednewzealand.com/buy-legal-weed-in-colorado/

Buy Weed in Hawaii I replaced it with a $36 Grenco G-Pen from Smokey’s Smoke Shop which wasn’t great, but to its credit, did actually function. Seemed to have trouble clearing the chamber so it got dirty quick.

Buy Weed in HawaiiThat’s when I decided to stop mucking about and just get an EYCE silicon dab rig ($75) and a torch ($30) from Smokey’s. I liked that very much, in fact. So keep in mind there’s a few head shops around where you might be able to get cheaper gear than the dispensaries. All the concentrates tested were on the rig, with the exception of Big Island Grown’s.

Buy Weed In Hawaii Basic vape battery also picked up from Aloha Green- nothing fancy. All flowers were tested via hand-rolled RAW organic papers.

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