Rise in Global Cannabis Consumption

Rise in Global Cannabis Consumption

Buy marijuana online in Brisbane : The consumption of cannabis – for medical and recreational purposes – is no new feat. Records of marijuana consumption date as far back as at least 5,000 years ago. Physical evidence to support this claim was provided by Andrew Sherrat, an Oxford archaeologist. His findings include a gravesite of an ancient group of humans known as the Proto-Indo-Europeans – also known as the Kurgans – who occupied what we now know as Romani.

As the centuries progressed, cannabis consumption was labelled evil and many governments worldwide placed the plant on prohibition on a mass scale. The prohibition period of cannabis is noted to have begun with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 and reached its peak when cannabis was classified as a schedule one substance in the United States via the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Buy marijuana online in Brisbane

In 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalise the consumption of Marijuana. Following its footsteps, cannabis has become legal on state and federal level in countries including Canada and the United States. Following its legalisation, the consumption of cannabis has risen massively. According to the World Health Organisation, a whopping 147 Million people (About 2.5 of the world’s population) are known to consume cannabis. 

There are many studies that show the advantages of consuming cannabis. The chemical compounds in the cannabis plant – known as cannabinoids – are beneficial to the treatment of a myriad of diseases including cancer and multiple sclerosis. Although the consumption of cannabis is seemingly positive in the medical field, studies are beginning to show that regular cannabis consumers may require more anaesthesia when undergoing medical procedures.

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A U.S study conducted in the state of Colorado suggests that individuals who consume cannabis regularly require more anaesthesia when undergoing medical procedures. This study was carried out by Mark Twardowski, a doctor of osteopathic medicine at Community Hospital – Grand Junction, Colorado. 

In this study, access was gained to the medical records of 250 patients. Twardowski and his team closely examined these patients who underwent minimally invasive procedures which required the administration of anaesthesia. Amongst the patients, 25 of them (10% of the group) were known to use marijuana regularly – via smoking and consuming edibles. Buy marijuana online in Brisbane

For this study, three separate anaesthetic medications were administered to the group. These anaesthetics were:

  • Midazolam
  • Fentanyl
  • Propofol

As conclusions on the study were drawn, it was noticed that cannabis consumers required more anaesthesia during procedures in comparison to non-cannabis users.  Cannabis consumers required 19.6% more midazolam, 14% more fentanyl and a whopping 220.5% more propofol than non-cannabis consumers. Buy cannabis online in Brisbane Buy weed online in Brisbane Buy weed online in Brisbane

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