Hindu Kush

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Indica – 100%
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Hindu kush strain online

One of the original landrace strains that precipitated the popularization of cannabis throughout the world, Hindu Kush is a potent pure indica. It is indigenous to the bud mountain chain that forms the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The meaning of the word “Kush” is disputed, and has been traced back to a Persian term for “Hindu killer” (in reference to the danger of crossing the inhospitable mountains) as well as to Avestan words meaning simply “water mountain.” In any case, Kush has become a byword for weed and is often used a suffix in the names of different strains, regardless of whether those strains have this bud in their lineage.

Seeds of Hindu Kush — along with seeds of other Asian landrace varieties like Afghani — were brought to the U.S. in the 1960s and 70s by cannabis enthusiasts and explorers who traveled along a route that has come to be known as the “hippie trail.” In time, this strain has, perhaps inevitably, been crossed with other strains to allow for stability and adaptation to a radically different climate than its mountainous point of origin; as such, “true” this bud may not be widely available in the Western Hemisphere. Hindu kush strain online Where to buy Hindu kush in New Zealand Where to buy Hindu kush in New Zealand

The purely indica lineage of this bud is evident in its stature. Indica plants are much shorter and stockier than their sativa counterparts, and the this strain strain epitomizes this, hardly ever growing taller than 5 feet. As such, it can be grown indoors, provided that multiple plants are spaced to allow for the strain’s wide lateral branches. Outdoor cultivation tends to be more difficult, as the strain’s native climate is highly variable. However, as noted, certain varieties of this bud have been stabilized through minor crossbreeding, so some phenotypes may grow well outdoors.Hindu kush strain online How to order Hindu OG in NZ How to order Hindu OG in NZ

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    Nice strain i love the high level. Thanks for quick delivery.

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