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Buy weed in Georgia

Buy weed in Georgia

Buy Weed In Georgia For Robert Bowles, a retired pharmacist with Lewy body dementia, placing an order at a fast-food restaurant can quickly dissolve into a fit of frustration. He struggles with anxiety and depression.http://buyweednewzealand.com/buy-weed-seeds-in-connecticut/

Buy Weed In Georgia Often, he loses his train of thought. “I feel like I’m in a closet and don’t see a way out,” says Bowels, who is 71 and lives in Thomaston, Ga. Sometimes, says wife Judy Bowels, he “can just completely shut down.”

Buy Weed In Georgia

Buy Weed In Georgia A little more than two years ago, Bowels met with his doctor and was approved to use medical marijuana to alleviate his symptoms. He registered with the state and obtained a special card from the Georgia Department of Health. Weed

The problem is, there’s no way for him to legally acquire the medical marijuana in Georgia. It’s against the law to grow medical marijuana. You can’t legally buy it, sell it or bring the drug into Georgia from another state. Buy Weed In Georgia http://buyweednewzealand.com/buy-legal-weed-in-colorado/

That makes Bowles’ official “Low THC Oil Registry Card” – which he keeps locked in a safe at home – essentially useless. So he’s still waiting to use medical marijuana for the first time. http://buyweednewzealand.com/where-to-buy-marijuana-australia/

The Georgia House approved a bill earlier this month that would allow medical marijuana to be sold to registered patients. The legislation, which passed on a 123-40 vote, would permit growing, manufacturing, testing and distribution. Sixty dispensaries would serve the state’s rising number of physician-approved patients — more than 8,400 so far. Marijuana would remain illegal for recreational use. http://buyweednewzealand.com/weed-online-thames/

That could change in the coming weeks if legislators make medical marijuana available not only in theory, but practice too. Buy Weed In Georgia

> UPDATE: Gov. Brian Kemp signs bill for medical marijuana sales

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